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Just because I am blue and furry does not make me non-human, thank you very much.

Du lieber Himmel, these people…

Hey Kurt! You've got Up Doc on your shoulder! XD




Haha, but isn’t April Fool’s Day tomorrow?

Yup. It’s alright. The shift really does go by very fast once everyone I’m working with, including myself, gets started. I’m usually just setting up the dinning room, greeting the residents, offer soup, giving the residents their meals, give out desserts, then when residents leave we have to clean up the tables, and setup the utencils, glasses and mugs. The best part of it being the last shift, is since there’s usually leftovers we could take home one or both of the two meals that was being served to the residents that shift. The rest would be thrown away if no one wanted any of what’s left. Usually on Fridays nights, it’s either a cheese pizza night or a chicken pot pie night. I like the cheese pizza nights more cause I won’t eat the chicken pot pie and would end up giving the pie to either my dad or my sister. 

Alright, I’ll show you both angles that I have made of the patch of flowers. I have one angle that is close to the ground facing the patch and another angle that’s looking down onto the patch. Right now you could see the yellow coloring of the petals in the buds. Thanks! Yes you can. I have only made a Monthly Nature Wall Calendar. I did post up the link to it once. If you could find the link amongst my posts, you could take a look at it. Though I’m not sure if that’s the one that leads to the one before it was updated or when it was updated. I think it’s the one before it was updated. I’m finished with it now. If you want to see the updated one, I’ll have to see if I can embed it or link it here again. I’m right now not sure what else I want to make. The stuff you can do on here is either a “Print at Home” or “Order Online”. I’m completely open for ideas on this one. 

Time does seem to fly when one is busy! It does not sound like a half-bad job, either. I often go to a nearby retirement home to visit an older woman. She has decided to unofficially adopt me as her grandson, which I accept, because I always wanted a grandparent. I went for the first time a few years ago, not long after I started at Xavier’s, with some other students for a community service opportunity. I visited a few other people, but she and I really hit it off. She even knows I am a mutant. She is blind, but she is aware of my differences. I hope she has people as nice as you working where she lives. It means a lot to know that someone is taking good care of those we love.

I like chicken pot pie! I had some just the other day! Then again, I like most everything, except asparagus and artichokes.

Hmm, perhaps I will have to check on this later. I really need to go to bed soon. It is past time I went to bed, really, but we are taking Good Friday off from school, so tomorrow is the last day of the school week. I am very pleased. I was the one who asked about it, and the Professor was more than happy to grant my request. He really is such a nice man.

Big Kurt! How is the life of a fuddy-duddy these days?



Fuddy-duddying along as always, it would seem!

I am well. Currently I am recalling that I am actually quite fond of sweet potatoes. How have you been? I feel as if it’s been ages since we talked. How is…ach, the Sentinel situation? It has been on my mind quite often.

Ah! Well, this is much better than fast food. I am glad you enjoyed it.

I cannot even imagine not being able to walk on the ceiling—you are right, I also taunted my siblings with the talent. Our age differences are similar, but I can tell you I was quite disappointed when my brother grew tall enough to catch me off of most ceilings by my tail if he jumped.

You may be right. I would have to feel like I was press-ganging you into something you were uncomfortable with. I want it to be meaningful, to be some kind of commentary on what I think works between us, but I don’t want to embarrass her, or make it too campy…

Sometimes. Most often. Right now, always, because the congregation cannot gather in the usual place due to the structural damage to the church building itself. When the building was in good repair, if I went alone to the early Mass I would often forgo the inducer. The churchgoers were actually quite understanding, given everything, and the smaller attendance for the early Mass meant there were less people to take issue with my appearance.

When I go to the later Mass, or with Brian, I use the inducer, because the larger attendance had more people who might not be ready for elves in church, and in part because Brian doesn’t seem quite ready to go with his true face and I like to show him some solidarity.

I can definitely understand not wanting to ruin the little slice of normality you have with your church activities. I don’t think anyone should begrudge you that.

I do like to cook, and contrary to popular belief, I can. I only make a gigantic mess when I do so. Still, steak sandwiches are not hard at all.

Ach, I know! He was always very bad about pulling my tail. He knew I hated it, so he did it to annoy me. I recall one time he accidentally slammed a door on my tail. That was very painful. I learned to go through doors quickly after that.

What do you have in mind?

I am glad you are free, at least, to show your true face where you should be most accepted. I simply do not wish to give up being me and have to be Nightcrawler all the time. I have always felt there was a distinction, even in the circus. Nightcrawler was something of a character. It started out as a nickname, but it grew from that, and is what it is now. I do not feel I am Nightcrawler without the suit on, though. Perhaps this is a strange way to feel.

Pros of being a teleporter:

Cons of being a teleporter:

I still hate laundry time.




How am I supposed to know him if I do not know his name? Perhaps you could tell me?

His name is Erik Lensherr…

Oh, I do know that name. I had no idea he had children.

Hey Kurt! You've got Up Doc on your shoulder! XD




Haha, but isn’t April Fool’s Day tomorrow?

Sentinals and FoH and MRD, oh my! (Wizard of Oz referance) I really do want to say some things to those FoH and all those other people who are fearing mutant-humans right now in your universe. All this fighting is just really getting out of hand. And for what?! Just because mutant-humans are just so much more different from ordinary humans? That’s ridiculous! And I am sure that Satan is having a blast watching and meddling in on all the fighting being done. Especially those who don’t know the Lord. I wonder how life would have been like if mutant-humans and ordinary humans have just accepted each other from the start, without any fighting. Shouldn’t there be a universe somewhere out there that’s like that? 

Anyway, what I’ve been up to? Well, I’m still working Friday nights from 4pm to 7:30pm at Belle Reve senior living in the kitchen. I’m still waiting to hear from either my friend Kelly or one of the ladies from “Beyond the Disability, LLC” about a photography job. I’m also still waiting to hear from my driving instructor for my next lesson. Did you see the nature photos and pandoramas that I posted recently? I did that! Umm…I’m starting to take pictures of a small patch of flowers that are just starting to bloom to make it into somewhat of a visual cycle of when it starting to bud to when it’s in full bloom. My mom got me started on doing that. And I have started a couple crafty projects under HP Photo Creations where I could put my nature photos I’ve taken into productive use, like for example making calendars, cards, flyers, etc. I think that’s pretty much it. It’s really been kinda lazy these days. And right now, it’s very very warm inside my house. So I have my fan going on high. 

Haha, how clever you are. You know, I do hope there is a world out there somewhere where mutants and non-mutants never fought, but instead got along peaceably from the very beginning. How nice that would be.

You are? It sounds like good work. Are you liking your job? Good luck on that photography job, as well. I hope you get it. I do believe I did! You did very well! This sounds like it will be a worthwhile project; I should like to see it when you are done. You have a good eye for these sorts of things, Liebchen. Wow, you can do all of that? What are you making, then?


Nightcrawler Commission by Deputee


Banquine, Quidam, Cirque du Soleil

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