Amazing X-Men #11

Hallo. Who might you be?


Would it be considered offense if I told you that I initially thought your URL was Ms. Nachos?


I hadn’t drawn Nightcrawler in awhile and that had to be remedied.

I swear my cat knows just what to do to make me pity him and do whatever he wants. It’s funny, because I was never really that much of a pet person until I adopted him.

Well, I take that back. When I was a child, I wanted every animal I found, but my mother would never let me keep them.


This commercial is really really silly, but I don’t mind much because of these two wonderful cuties just being adorable in it~♥



An X-men in the real, furry, flesh. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Oh, well thank you. I suppose my reputation precedes me. You seem to know who I am, but I haven’t the slightest who you are. Also, may I say, very nice costume. I quite like the wings.


— X sketch 01 — by wyv1


Uncanny X-Men #444 by Alan Davis




+ messwithme-illfuckyouup Very well, then. I shall consider myself warned.

Sorry about that, gotta warn everyone, a lot of guys think girls will sit by and take their crap.

Liebchen, you may rest assured, I am not such a man. I find such behavior absolutely repulsive. My name is Kurt, by the way. And who might you be?

Honesty Hour! Ask me any question and I will have to answer it honestly!



"He did die, a long time ago in fact. And mentor?" None of this was making sense in Ruth’s mind. Had the mentor been one of the boys Erik had played with before the camps? "If you don’t mind me asking… what was your mentor’s name?"

I am sorry to hear that.

His name is Charles Xavier.


Here, have an apple by Larbesta



"Erik - uh, yeah, I actually am related to him. He’s - he was my older brother. Why are you asking?”

Oh. Was? He did not die, did he?

Well, I kind of…know of him, I suppose? My mentor is, or perhaps, used to be, very good friends with him. I thought the name sounded familiar.


NightCrawler by Plucido

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