I would be too, if I am to be honest. Really, I am also bitter against a parent. My mother is Mystique. I am not fond of her.

Mystique, I know her. She works with my father, I didn’t even know she had children.

As far as I know, there are three of us, but she only raised the one she adopted. She did not care to keep me around, and her eldest, my half-brother, is apparently the founder of the Friends of Humanity. That is a side of the family I do not care to associate with.






You’re not…I am sorry, but you love mutants? You are not one of those people…never mind. Thank you, I think.

My job is to make sure you guys can do your jobs!image

Thank you, I think. We probably need all of the help we can get. You are a very cheery fellow, aren’t you? I think you even have me beat.





Well, goodness gracious, it is nice to have you all! Hallo, I am Kurt. Pleasure to meet you.


H-hi. I’m 38. 

[She was nervous. Not because of his mutation but rather experience had taught her to distrust those who offer kindness]

Your name is Thirty-Eight? Pardon my intrusiveness, but I have an insatiable curiosity about me. Is there a particular reason for your name or is that a nickname? Apart from that, I will say again, it is very good to meet you, Thirty-Eight.



That… Is 100% true actually.

Surprisingly, it is. Or perhaps it should not be surprising. Ich weiss nicht. Anyway, I am here and now you have met me.




Yes, well, you could learn a bit if you listen to me, nicht wahr? Then you cannot say you do not speak German anymore, because you will speak a little bit! Ein bisschen!

Ah, I see. Collector? What collector? Is everything all right?

" DE only one who collects merde. Dat one white hair assy attitude can’t miss him.  Showed up in me place last night claimin I stole a baby. Now I have a baby ahn I dun know what to do so I went to some gentleman’s club for de pregnant woman. De one dat sells her milk." He meat that literally he had no fucking clue what to do with a tiny baby.

Pardon? I do not understand. I know the meaning of the word, but I do not get the message of the sentence. I have no idea who you are talking about, but…you went to a risque club for pregnant women that sell their breast milk? I was unaware that these existed. Or is it just one woman who works there and she sells her milk? Es tut mir leid, Remy, but I am afraid you have lost me.

As for the baby, if it does not have a family looking for it, I would be glad to help you find someone to care for it.




Some of them do, some of them do not. It is tiresome, oftentimes boring, nature beckons me and I am not allowed to leave my seat, and of course, there is always homework. I cannot wait to graduate next month.

That is really a pity. School can be so fascinating. If only I could have been all of your professors. I do my best to come up with interesting labs for my science classes. Several of them involve setting things on fire.

Oh, how I wish. I am better about liking school more. I used to loathe having to sit still in a classroom for eight hours a day, but this was because back in Germany, after I finished primary school, I did very little academics and focused on my acrobatics more. I was accustomed to moving and doing, rather than sitting and listening. I also was a bit behind, and that added to the difficulty of it all.





Du lieber, what is going on today? Hallo to all of you, too! Frohe Ostern!

"And hello to you as well, I’m Kitty, not to be mistaken with a more will known woman with my name" she held out her hand to him in greeting "this is my dog, Scamp" she gestured to the medium sized tan dog beside her

"I can introduce myself, blasted cat" the dog grumbled at her, looking up at Kurt with blind eyes "either I’m getting worse at this sight through my powers thing or he really is blue"

I will do my best to keep that straight. My best friend’s name is Kitty, but I often call her Kaetzchen. It quite literally means, “cute little cat”, so I think it fits.

Your dog talks? Where is he from? Also, my canine friend, your eyes do not deceive you. I was blessed with these incredible good looks. I think blue is very much my color, don’t you agree?


"Catholic is more likely given how out spoken you were, village was a shot in the dark based on your accent, if you must know."

"And, ugh, happy endings. Even worse than holidays, in my mind. Though there’s not much worse than that dreadfull pink one in Feburary. I blew up three shops last year. Selling those /stupid/ movies about finding true love. The situation is predicatable, the heros forgettable and every thing ends with happy ever after. You don’t even have to watch it to know how it ends. It’s so BORING!"

I was unaware that Catholics were more outspoken, but I had figured as much on the village thing. I was using German when I greeted you.

You what? What in the world is wrong with you? I do hope no one was harmed, but even if they were not, those places were someone’s livelihood. You cannot just go around destroying things as you please. Du lieber Himmel…

If I can talk to you and not be judged, reblog this.


I really think we ought to talk to our licensing department about this.

Because when I think of chocolate-covered, sweet treats, I think of Wolverine.


Ok, stop already!



These classical musicians play their instruments in a way you’ve never seen before.

A rather compelling visual experience, on top of being a flawless musical demonstration, performed by Salut Salon, a charming German quartet from Hamburg. 

i aspire to be these women

So Tumblr is aware that it spans the multiverse. I wonder if that was on purpose, and if so, how in the world did they do it?






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happy earth day friends

this is…the best possible use of this particular gif. 

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