Finally figured out what that noise from earlier was. It was a vacuum cleaner.




360 to handstand :D



I think the phrase reffers to the people attending. Like any fair or large gathering people loose each other and get frustrated and things can get quite chaotic for families. Most people arent preformers, so they see it differently.
Now that would make sense. I had imagined that it might be because in some acts, there is a lot going on, and it might be difficult for the viewer to decide where to look. Still, it would not take much thought to figure out that the performers have to be perfectly synchronized to pull off the spectacle. Then again, perhaps I am just taking English too literally, but your interpretation definitely makes sense.

I will never understand the usage of “it’s like a circus” to mean “it’s completely out of control and chaotic”. Circuses are the exact opposite. We are organized and timed to the second. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t be able to pull off a single show. I wonder where that phrase came about every time I hear it.

I may also have a bad habit of correcting people when they use this phrase around me.


Nightcrawler by ProtoKitty of DeviantArt

There is a strange noise coming from somewhere. It sounds like a ghost whining. Perhaps I should track down Kaetzchen and have her investigate. Why Kaetzchen? Well, if it is a ghost, I do not want to be the one to find it.


All New All Different X-men by Stefan Tosheff


Nightcrawler by Travis Charest


By Todd Nauck

by dronio & Sebastian Dell’Aria


So Ptiko and I sometimes do special speed drawing/painting sessions where each of us sketches, and then we color the sketch of the other person. Today’s theme: comic book characters! 

So, Ptiko drew Nightcrawler, which I then colored. In exchange I provided her with an Iron Man sketch as seen here. For the finished version of my sketch, go here!


Whenever people post the “BAMF” this is what I think about. Not the acronym.


From Uncanny X-Men #157

I watched Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares and the restaurant served burgers. Now I really want a burger.

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